Passover – April 2004

IF I love the Seder feast, and this year we celebrated a memorable one. For several years Kat, Ross, LD, and I have celebrated passover together. Kat is a marvelous cook and she has always treated us to a lovely dinner at passover. This year Kat was working in El Paso and could not join us – so we had to make do on our own.
We invited a larger group than usual, and everyone contributed to the evening. Kay (who joined us for passover for the first time last year) brought her friend Aaron. Troy, Christine, and Sujata all attended – and helped us cook. We had roast lamb, roast beef, haroset, broiled asparagus, palak paneer, boiled eggs, matzah balls, carrots, and potatos. And lots of matzah.
Passover has become a necessary part of my year. I am always refreshed by the opportunity to share the sincere, fun, and somewhat solemn service with my friends and to feast and celebrate with them at the same time. As we say in the Haggadah – For in the time of freedom, there is knowledge of servitude. And in the time of bondage, there is hope of redemption.

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