Here be dragons – Halloween 2004

IF As many of you know, Joey has a great love of dragons. He has asked me to make him a dragon costume several times over the years. I had never managed to, and sometime around Labor Day I casually mentioned this to my mom…

She became a woman posessed. Within an hour of the original phone call she had e-mailed me a picture of the material she was planning to use. Throughout the dragon’s creation she kept saying, “I’ll just to this little bit, and then I will send it to you.” But she would up creating nearly the whole thing with design and spacial relations assistance from my dad!

We kept it a secret from Joey for over a month. Finally Mom sent the box. I put the finishing touches on just before leaving for South America.

Not to be outdone, and to fulfill a promise to Rachel, I made the smaller dragon costume for Asher’s first Halloween. Rachel created the horns and the wings to complete the costume.

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