Buenos Aires, Argentina – November 2004

IF Early in November 2004, I had to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina for work. The first week I was there, I was working. I stayed in the Marriott across a lovely park from my office. I did not manage to do any sight seeing though!

Luckily, Joey and I had arranged for him to fly down at the end of the week, and we spent 8 days exploring the city. Joey set out for Buenos Aires from Austin after being in London for several weeks. The weather in London, hard work, and rapid time zone and climate changes meant he arrived exhausted and a bit under the weather, but he made a great recovery.

We stayed in a fun little hostel in the San Telmo section of Buenos Aires. We saw the Casa Rosada or Pink House, where the Argentinian legislature meets. We went to the famous Colon Theater and toured the huge workshops and storage areas under the theater. We ate the best steak ever! The steak we had at the shopping mall in Argentina was better than the fanciest steak restaurant in the US. I know declaring any beef outside of Texas “the best thing ever” is sacrilege for a die hard Texan like me, but you have to call it like you taste it!

Joey and I pretended to dance a tango. Upon Rachel’s request we sang numbers from Evita as we toured the streets of Buenos Aires. We spent our time enjoying the spring weather, stopping to smell the flowers (and take their picture), and savoring our time together without work or other worries!

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