Grandpa’s Memorial Services – January 2006

louis Sunday January 8, 2006 and Monday January 9, 2006 Lisa Diane and I attended two wonderful dignified memorial services.

On December 30, 2005, Grandpa Louis Rodriguez passed away. Grandpa Louis was married to Esperanza for 63 years, raised six children – scientists, soldiers, businessmen, teachers, and musicians – and shared his smile and charming character with the world. He was a charter member of the Pan-American Golf Association, sang with the San Antonio Chordsmen for 20 years, and retired from Southwestern Drug Corporation in 1983.

His family and friends gathered at the funeral home on Sunday night. Members of the Chordsmen sang, friends told stories about his golf swing, generosity, and sense of humor, and his children thoughtfully and energetically eulogized him and led us all in a few rounds of his favorite songs. The cousins retreated to Aunt Lilian’s house for pizza (or we tried to – couldn’t get pizza, so we wound up going to Jim’s).

The next morning we gathered again at La Trinidad United Methodist Church for the Service of Christian Burial. Laura sang, LD read, and Steve gave a powerful eulogy. We bore the casket from the church to San Fernando cemetery. Afterwords, the family regrouped for lunch at La Margarita in Market Square.

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