Logan, Utah – July 2007

CIMG0952 Last weekend LD and I went to visit Laura at the Utah Festival Opera in Logan Utah. I was surprised to discover that Jason was also visiting Laura that weekend (it is always a treat to spend some time with Jason – the other other of a Mercado daughter :-). LD and I spent our days shopping in town and hiking in the canyons while Jason got in a little fly-fishing in the cold waters of the Bear River. The three of us spent our evenings at dress rehearsals of “Porgy and Bess” and “Il Ttovatore” — the performances were terrific (I didn’t know that the anvil chorus was from “Il Trovatore”).

Also, our trip unexpectedly coincided with the annual Logan Car Show and Cruise – which took place on the highway just in front of our motel, so I took a few pictures of some classic rides.

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