A Day in the Park with Daniel and Kay – June 2008

KayJune12-200801 Last Thursday LD and I went to lunch with Kay and Daniel. We went to Freddie’s on south first. Kay had never been to there and Freddie’s is so kid friendly that I thought we should help her get acquainted with it. We enjoyed some burgers and walked around the playground and took pictures of Daniel. I was a bit restless (the girls had chatted and eaten slowly – I had wolfed down my burger in a few quick bites and was in dire need of a walk to aid my digestion) so I proposed we head over to the park for a stroll.

We breezed over to Zilker and I pulled the car in at the botanical garden. We started (as we often seem to do) on the xeriscape trail and made our way down to the Isamu TaniguchiI Japanese Garden. Daniel napped and we yaked about this and that; you know – babies, jobs, food, family, life. It was the middle of a weekday and it was summer in Austin, so it was hot and there were few other people in the park with us. We rested by the waterfall and cooled off in the under the bamboo. We made our way back up the hill through the rose garden, took some more pictures, and retreated to the comfort of the air conditioned car.

As we pulled out onto Barton Springs road LD suggested that we head over to Austin Baby, a cloth diapers and baby slings shop that Rachel had spoken highly of. It is next door to the Soup Peddler about a block from where we’d had lunch. Kay did a little shopping while Daniel, LD, and I borrowed a changing table and negotiated a fresh diaper. Kay tried on a bunch of slings (using a life size baby doll to get the hang of things). She bought a Moby Wrap – the last picture in the series is Daniel hanging out in the new sling.

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