Christinne’s Wedding Shower – 07 June 2008

21-LisaDiane and Christinne Christinne and Troy are getting married in Mexico this month.  Christinne’s maid of honor, Kari, organized a fantastic wedding shower and bachelorette party, with assistance from Marie and Ashely.

We started at El Arroyo Mexican Restaurant for the shower.  There were lots of appetizers and margaritas.  Also, great gifts!  Check out the pictures to see the cool stuff Christinne got.  

We went to the DoubleTree to continue the party.  Joey had set me up with all I needed to have a full bar in the room, with homemade simple syrup and everything!  I had lots of fun playing bartender.  Hopefully someone else’s camera captured me in that capacity because I don’t have any photos of myself at the “bar”.  There were lots of balloons, glow bracelets, and leis.  We also had a pin-the-hose-on-the-fireman game (you can see the fireman in the last picture, although his hose is covered)!

After it was sufficiently late, the group went down to 6th Street to celebrate.  Christinne even had a funny bachelorette ‘To Do’ list that was laminated and attached to a lei, courtesy of Ashley.  The entire event was great fun!

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