Made it to Cozumel – Friday – June 2008

After landing in Cozumel, we ran into Chrisi just after we got off the plane, and kept each other entertained as we made out way through immigration and customs, and met up with Marie at the cab stand (Marie had cleared customs about 100 people ahead of us). We shared a cab from the airport to the Hotel Vista Del Mar. Nice place!

When we checked into the hotel, we met Eva, one of the three front desk clerks (the others are Linda and Martin). Eva pointed out the dry erase board that Troy and Christinne had posted in the lobby – our wedding party communication system for the trip. The board indicated that everyone was at a local beach club and that we should head that way without delay. We unpacked quickly and just as we were headed back through the lobby the desk phone rang and Eva told us, “Mr. Troy is on his way back to the hotel.” So we went back to our rooms and passed out for a while – nice to do after all the travel.

Troy, Christinne, and the balance of the wedding party showed up about forty-five minutes later. At this point the group consists of: Troy and Christinne, Dave and Sarita (Christinne’s parents), Mama and Papa, Tanya and Ryan, Marie, Christi, LisaDiane, and me.

Troy and Dave had rented a couple of big Jeep Wrangler 4 doors for the day. The whole group of us piled into the Jeeps and took off for an afternoon tour of the island.

First stop – Mr. Sancho’s Tropical Wedding Garden – the beach club where Troy and Christinne will be married on Monday. Pretty place – I’m looking forward to going back on Monday. LD and I managed to get a bite to eat (we hadn’t stopped for food since Cheerios with Ross and Kat that morning). The Ceviche was fantastic – nice fresh octopus and good HOT salsa.

Second stop – Bob Marley’s place at Punta Sur. Isla Cozumel does almost all of it’s big business on the west side of the island. Puntua Sur is the last beach club stop before making the turn to the more isolated outposts on the eastern side of the island or heading back to town. We watched the spray, shopped for shell jewelry, had a beer, and kept on moving.

Second and 1/2 stop – between Punta Sur and CocoNuts was a nice bit of seashore where tall breakers rolled over the shoals. The only marker I noticed was a painted sign advertising “Cold Coconuts”. A girl with a machete cut open a few coconuts for a few bucks and we walked through the surf, plastic straws jammed into the refreshing fruit, taking pictures of each other as we got soaked.

After a bit, some folks scrambled back into the first Jeep and drove away in search of some beer and a restroom. Dave loaded the rest of us back into his Jeep and tore off after them. We found their Jeep abandoned at the entrance to CocoNuts beach club.

Third stop – CocoNuts. The restaurant is at the top of a hill that overlooks a beautiful stretch of coral beach. We met the killer cockatoo, the aligator, and two old dogs (one which was gnawing on a small palm tree) and found the missing members of our group. The waves break against rocks at the bottom of the hill and the breeze drifts pleasantly through the cabana bar, so we stayed to have a beer while the sun set across the island behind us.

After about forty-five minutes we loaded up again, drove back into town, put some gas in the Jeeps, and returned to our hotel. Everyone took a few minutes to rinse off and change clothes before we headed off to dinner. We wanted our evening meal to be something local, and got a recommendation for a place a few blocks away from the waterfront called Tres Gatos. What a nice find. No liquor license, but fantastic eats – Panuchos stuffed with frijoles colados, Salbutes with shredded chicken, richly layered tostadas, and a few sliced tortas stuffed with various kinds of meat and cheese. The salsa was hot, the food was cheep and plentiful, and we stuffed ourselves.

Satisfied yet restless we wandered idly over to the plaza, attempting to walk off our meal, and found a sidewalk cafe where we had a few drinks while we listened to the band play. LisaDiane dropped out early and went back to the hotel to crash. I had a quick swim, chatted with Christi and Marie by the pool, went inside, and fell into bed.

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  • What a totally wonderful day that sounds like. I love following your vacation as it happens. Congrats to Troy & Christine.

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