The Iceberg Cometh – Sunday – June 2008

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The whole group agreed that we wanted some relaxing beach time. Troy suggested that we all go to Paradise beach. Paradise Beach has a climbing ‘iceberg’, water trampoline, restaurant, bar, shop, and, as you might imagine, a beach. There are wonderful lounge chairs with umbrellas, too.

Normally each person pays $10 US for the privilege of using their toys, but since we were there on a Sunday, we got to use everything for free, as long as we ate and drank. No problemo!

Joey and a couple of other people climbed the floating iceberg. There are handholds on one side, and a smooth surface on the opposite side, so once you scramble up, you can slide down. I attempted the climb, but got stuck about 2/3 of the way up. Joey was in the water below helpfully taking pictures. Our conversation went like this:

LisaDiane: I’m stuck!
Joey: Jump off.
LisaDiane: no.
Joey: grab the next handle.
LisaDiane: I can’t reach!
Joey: then jump down.
LisaDiane: no!

This went on for several minutes until I finally did jump in the water. My glasses nearly escaped, but some quick thinking and nimble toes saved the day, and my ability to see!

Everyone else had moved over to the trampoline. There was a walkway between two large, round, floating trampolines. When the appeal of just jumping on the trampolines has worn off, you can try to run from one to the other on the walkway, which is really two round floats that twist around in the water as weight is applied. Some people make it, some don’t, but either way, it makes for great fun, and pictures.

We punctuated our acrobatic feats in the water with lots of eating, drinking and laying around enjoying the day, and the company.

The group at Paradise beach included: Troy and Tienne, Mama and Papa, Dave and Sarita, Marie, Christi, Ryan and Tanya, Kari, Joey and me. We had such a great time relaxing and playing. Joey even took some underwater pictures (thanks to Ross and Kathlyne, who lent us the waterproof camera). Check out the pictures below.

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