The Wedding Party Dinner – Sunday – June 2008

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When we returned to the hotel after the day at Paradise Beach, we rested up and then reconvened to go to dinner. This is the meal that would normally be refererd to as the ‘Rehearsal Dinner’, but there was no rehearsal, so I have named it the Wedding Party Dinner, for lack of a better term.

By the time we left the hotel, Uncle Ray and Aunt Jan had arrived, and they joined us for dinner. Now our party was fifteen strong.

We walked several blocks over to Prima. We were seated right away, on the roof. We could see the sky above us. I had a fantastic lobster bisque, and some fettuccine Alfredo. Joey had a seafood steamer plate. There were appetizers to share as well. The restaurant gave Troy and Tinne a piece of tiramisu to celebrate their upcoming wedding day.

After dinner we took a walk down to the main square. There was a band playing, and Tinne and Sarita danced. Joey and I made the circuit of the crowd watching people, and taking pictures and video. The singer in the band also happens to be the lovely Eva, who works at the Vista del Mar during the day.

Kari and Tinne found a stand that was selling luchador masks. They decided to try them out. After some struggle getting the masks on (they are meant for children’s heads), they hammed it up for the cameras – staging some mock battles.

We had a nightcap at the same restaurant and bar we went to on Friday – it is practically on the main square, so we could still hear the band clearly. We had the same charming waiter who helped us on Friday – he was dancing along to music when he wasn’t serving drinks (ask Joey to demonstrate his moves).

As we have done most of our nights here, we finished up the evening with a dip in the pool, and then hit the sack!

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