Filter Poetry

So I’m sitting here at breakfast with Kat and she just demonstrated how you can use the power of the spam filter to create poetry. Open your spam mailbox, pick a subject line as your starting place, and just read each subject line aloud one after the other. Today mine is:

  • Suffering from low self-esteme?
  • Ever wished to increase your man’s size? Than do not miss the opportunity.
  • Now you can easily put your most intimate problems to end.
  • Get the pair of shoes you have been eyeing all season
  • Branded shoes at affordable prices now
  • Go to our online store to enjoy shoe heaven, as you will find what you want there
  • Gucci, Prada, Bally shoes at less than half price
  • Make all the girls in the neighborhood long for you.

2 comments to Filter Poetry

  • Debra

    That’s not my favorite thing about the spam folder. It’s that in google, since the ads are customized for you, the ad on the top is always for a spam recipie or perhaps spam substitite (what would that be exactly?).

  • ross

    all the girls in the neighborhood already long for me

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