Cat nip filled knitting frenzy

The other day I suddenly remembered a cute pattern (recipe, as K calls them) for Feline Dim Sum.  No, not dim sum filled with felines!  Knitted cat toys in the shape of a wonton or eggroll.

I searched the web and found the pattern.  Then I ran to my stash and found some scrap yarn.  I knitted one up while dinner was cooking – it took about 20 minutes.  I did not have any batting or other materials to stuff the toys with, so I called on my friend to see what she had.  She came up with some fabric scraps that worked out very well.  The actual knitting, stuffing and sewing up of the toy took place during a TnT Design Team Meeting at Bee and Lilly’s house.  I had stopped by the pet store to get some cat nip on the way to dinner.  Bee and Lilly’s cat, Atticus, was happy to take the toy for a test drive.



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  • Debra

    We took about 1/2 the stuffing out of the cushions on the old couch so we have a huge trash sack of stuffing in our closet. You’re welcome to it any time (plus which we’d get a visit).

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