Halloween away from home

I have had to be away from Austin for Halloween the past four years. Today made five halloweens away from home. I have missed every Halloween that my godchildren have experienced! Here are some examples of what I have missed…
Asher and Joey as Dragons in 2004
Asher as a leopard in 2005
Elephant Serrins in 2006
Cat in the Hat in 2007
Asher as Stuart Little…
and Chiara as Pebbles in 2008
My company does a costume contest at each location.  So instead of hanging out with my godchildren, I have had the pleasure of seeing grown people act crazy.

Here is a small taste of what was going on at my office in Wilmington on Halloween.  The Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man costumes were pretty good.  You can’t see them clearly, but there are also several ghosts in the group!  The one really great thing is that we got out of the office and got to spend a little while in the beautiful weather!

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