Hanging out in Wilmington

I am in Wilmington, NC for a big project for work.  The weather is really beautiful: mid-sixties during the day, down into the forties at night.  Wilmington has a really nice downtown area along the Cape Fear River.  My hotel is on Water Street, which, as the name suggests, is right on the river.  Within a few blocks of the hotel are tons of great local restaurants.  The project lead, Michelle, invited everyone to dinner at Deluxe Cafe.  We had a great meal.  The food was creative and fun, as well as delicious.

We started with seared ahi tuna topped crisps with greens, bruscetta with pears and brie, and calamari.  I had Scallops Florentine for my entree.  It had fresh round noodles, small scallops (cooked perfectly), a cream sauce, and warm wilted spinach.  I finished off with Chocolate Mocha Crème Brûlée, and a cup of coffee.  Yum!  Check out the glass above the door in this picture.  It made me think of Joey.


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