Happy Hour – or Happy Day?

Hapy Hour is actually illegal in North Carolina.  You heard me.  There is no such thing as happy hour.  The state government of North Carolina, in their wisdom, has decided that having drink specials at certain hours causes people to drink too much too fast.  Restaurants and bars can have daily drink specials, but not happy hour specials.

One of my favorite places to go for “not happy hour” in Wilmington is the Cafe Phoenix.  First of all, they have a cool name, and a cool logo.  Secondly, they have half price wine all day Thursday, by the bottle or by the glass.  Whenever I am in Wilmington on a Thursday, Nicole and I try to go over and take advantage of this quirk of North Carolina law.

Nicole and Shelley and I spent a few hours yesterday evening enjoying the groovy atmosphere, watching the pedestrians on Front Street, drinking wine, and eating appetizers.  We thought the appetizers were half off as well; it turned out they were not, but they tasted great anyway!

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