Mental Health Day

Lee has been working like crazy lately.  Billy asked her to take a day off for mental health purposes.  He asked Joey and me to join them for a day trip.

We decided to drive out to Shiner, Texas to visit the Spoetzl Brewery. We had fun trying the beers that were on tap at the brewery.  The tour was interesting, and we had a nice tour guide, but there was also a crazy tour guide who always sounded like she was angry.  Billy and I had a good time laughing about how much she yelled. 

We also stopped into Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Shiner, which is one of the Painted Churches of Texas.  The church was beautiful.  We really enjoyed our visit.

On the way home we stopped in Lockhart, Texas for some barbeque at Smitty’s Market.  We all ate too much, of course!

We also did our civic duty by stopping to vote once we made it back to Austin.  Lee and I will both be out of town on election day, so we wanted to make sure we voted before early voting was over!

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