Clean Closet


Last weekend Kat and Ross were here in Austin.  They arrived in Austin before I got home from North Carolina.  Saturday morning as I was unpacking, I decided my closet needed some help.  I had lots of clothes that I never wear in my closet.  Due to lack of space, some of the clothes I actually wear were in the sewing room closet.

Kat helped me weed through all the clothes in both closets.  We made several piles: clothes I still wear, things that don’t fit, but that are in good shape, and I would wear again if they fit, stuff that I just don’t wear anymore becasue it is worn out or out of style.  We also made a stack of things that don’t fit me, but that I thought Kat might like to have.  There were a ton of yoga clothes in this pile.  Kat had actually been telling me that she doesn’t have enough workout clothes now that she is teaching yoga and working out every day, so it worked out really well.


Everything that fit, looked good, and I still wear, went into my closet.  The things that I would wear if only I was thin enough went into the sewing room close.  Kat took the stuff she liked, and all the rest went into bags so that I can give them away.  My closet is hardly recognizable!  Awesome!

Many thanks to Kat for all her help; she was such a good sport.  Even more of a sport than you might think, because apparently she has helped me with this same task a couple of other times over our many years of friendship.  I cannot express how wonderful It s to go to my closet and find clothes I can actually wear!

I am sad that I did not take before pictures so you could appreciate the change, but just imagine an forrest of crazy old clothes, and a shelf so crowded that when Joey tried to get the stuff down it crashed all around him!

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