Drive to Durham

Today I drove from Wilmington, NC to Durham, NC. I always stay in a hotel in Durham. My co-workers usually stay at hotels near the airport. There are lots of fast food restaurants and business parks. It is not very friendly or welcoming. A few years ago, when I was spending every other week in this part of North Carolina, I discovered that there is a DoubleTree Hotel about a ten minute drive from my office. It is in more of a neighborhood, and not to far from a major shopping center that has good restaurants and stores like Target and CVS.

Anyway, I made the drive from Wilmington to my hotel in Durham on I-40. The drive is not too far by Texas standards. It is about the same as driving from downtown San Antonio to North Austin. The major difference is that there are no access roads on I-40. None! You would never know what businesses are at each exit if it were not for the blue signs that list out the gas stations, hotels, and restaurants. This lack of access roads makes it tough if you want to stop, but it also means that the scenery is much nicer! The road is lined with huge trees. The leaves are all turning right now. Don’t ask how I got it, but here is a picture of the drive.

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