Picking a new family member

Joey and I have had KatyDog for eleven years.  She used to have trouble playing well with other dogs.  Lee and Billy have a dog named Cali, who has become a great friend and playmate for Katy.  Based on Katy’s interactions with Cali, Joey and I decided that we could add a new dog to our family.

Joey really wanted a big dog, specifically a lab.  Since I had no particular opinion on that count, I was happy to go with his suggestion.  I got in touch with Heart of Texas Lab Rescue.  There is a very elaborate process for adopting a dog: application, phone interview, meet and greet, home study, and finally delivery of the dog.  We went for our meet and greet yesterday.  We met three dogs: a yellow female, a chocolate female, and a chocolate male.  The male was really wild and crazy and dominant, but Katy refused to submit, fiesty old girl!  The yellow female was very friendly and calm.  She liked to stick by the humans.  She has really beautiful green eyes.  The chocolate female was boistrous, and interested in everything – very fond of exploring.

The meet and greet was conducted at the home of one of the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue volunteers, Stephanie.  We also met Margaret, another HoT Lab Rescue Volunteer.  Both of them were wonderful with canines and humans alike.  They knew their business, and had great suggestions for how to introduce the dogs to each other.  The whole process was wonderful – we would definitely recommend Heart of Texas Lab Rescue to someone else looking to adopt a lab.

Now Joey and I have to decide, who will fit into our home the best.  We have definately decided that it will be one of the females, but which one?  Such a tough decision!  And we have to make it within the next 40 minutes!

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