Thanksgiving Day

Joey and I realized about a month ago that we were completely foot loose and fancy free this Thanksgiving.  For the first time since we have been married, we were not hosting Thanksgiving, and we were not traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving.  Although we were stunned at this turn of events, we were very pleased about the situation!

Aaron and Sujata invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner at their house.  We were more than happy to accept the invite.  Joey went over to help them set up on Wednesday.  He even assembled one of the many pies.  It turns out that Aaron and Sujata were not hosting an ordinary Thanksgiving dinner (why am I not surprised?).  They had invited both families, including cousins and family friends.  It was a wonderful reunion of many of the people we had the pleasure of spending time with at Aaron and Sujata’s wedding.  In the end, twenty-nine people sat down to dinner!

Sujata and Aaron had planned everything in advance, and done much of the preparation in the days leading up to the event.  When we arrived on Thursday the tables were all set up, and there were snacks laid out.  Sujata had even made a menu and framed it!  The decorations were beautiful; there were candles everywhere.  We visited with everyone for about an hour before we sat down to dinner.

Before we ate, each person shared something they were thankful for with the group.  My favorites were Aaron and Sujata’s mothers, who both said that they were thankful for the love that Aaron and Sujata shared, and that had brought the group together.  I am also grateful for my friends, and their happiness together.  I am also thankful that they included Joey and me in their family gathering.

Now the part I know you are all waiting for… the food was AMAZING!  Nothing was over cooked or dry.  Quite the opposite, everything was perfectly seasoned and prepared.  My two favorites were the smoked turkey breast, and the butternut squash stuffing.  My favorite dessert (a class unto itself) was the chocolate pecan pie (although the apple pie Joey made came in a close second).  I cannot begin to do justice to the meal with mere words.  You will just have to check out the menu (in the pictures below), and stare longingly at the pictures!

Thank you Aaron and Sujata!  We are so glad to have you in our lives.

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