Christmas Eve, and the first day

Many of you know that I absolutely insist on Christmas being celebrated during the actual twelve days, and Christmas Eve.  Joey and I usually set up our tree on Christmas Eve or the eve of Christmas Eve.  This year we set it up on Tuesday, 23 December, 2008.  Lee and Billy joined us.  Lee helped me hang the lights.  Joey made hot chocolate.  We got the tree up and decorated in record time.

On Christmas Eve Joey and I slept late, and then got up and did some chores around the house.  Joey put up the lights on the exterior of the house.  Then we drove down to San Antonio for the party at Uncle Marcelo’s house.  My parents flew into San Antonio on Christmas Eve, and we met them at Uncle Marcelo’s.  We visited with my exteneded family, and ate dozens of tamales.

Mom and Dad came up to Austin on Christmas day.  We took a hike at Walnut Creek Park.  Later we had a great supper, including potato soup and ham.

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