Etheredge Christmas – the third day

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me… family, a bell mishap, and a shopping trip.

Troy, Kay, Andrew, and Daniel all came over to our house for breakfast on Saturday, 27 December.  Andrew and Dad cooked eggs and sausage.  Joey made sticky buns and hot sauce (not to be eaten together, those are just the things he prepared).  Everyone sat down and we really enjoyed the meal.  Next we opened our presents.

I got a perfume, and framed picture of Joey and me from Joey.  Troy gave us a copy of his wedding video, and a gift card to Alamo Drafthouse.  Kay, Andrew and Daniel gave us beautiful handmade gifts: bath salts in several different scents, and a book of recipes.

Daniel enjoyed opening his presents.  He mostly liked the paper and the bags, but the cup that his Uncle Troy and Aunt Christinne gave him was a big hit as well.  Elanor seemed to have a good time during the celebration – there were all these people sitting in a circle, and they were all petting her – what could be better?

Lee came and picked me up for bell choir practice.  We drove toward church for about five minutes when I realized we needed the keys, so we turned around and went back to the house.  It took quite a bit of searching, and a call to Joey to find the keys – they were in his coat pocket.  We finally made it to church, but were a bit disappointed because no one except the two of us showed up!  After I called one of the other members she came by and we did manage to pick some music, and plan for the next rehearsal.

Later in the day Mom, Lee, Billy, and I went shopping.  Mom and Dad got Joey and me a new trash can, sounds boring, but it is pretty fancy.  It is bigger than our old one, and you don’t have to use your hand to open the lid.  The can we had previously could be opened by stepping on a peddle, but that feature broke awhile back, and it has been bugging my dad every time he is here.  Ask my dad about it – he is dying to tell you about the physics of this particular trash can, and why it will last longer than the one we had before.  Mom found an awesome salad bowl and salad tongs and got those for me as well.

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