Exercise Log

Kathlyne and Debra are always awesome at working out.  I always wish I could stick to a workout plan like they do.  I also find it really fun to see how much they love the numbers that come out of their workouts: minutes, calories, etc.

Starting a little over a week ago I decided to buckle down and work out every day.  I made a plan, and I actually stuck to it for the most part.  Here is the run down: yoga, hiking, yoga, BodyPump, yoga, hiking.  Total time = 400 minutes.  Total calories = 1766.

I got sick on Firday and didn’t work out that day or yesterday.  I am trying to decide if I should push for working out today or recover a little bit longer.  I don’t want to get to far off my schedule!

2 comments to Exercise Log

  • If you’re sick the best thing to do is rest, but try to stay active. A walk is best. You kicked my butt last week! I made a new plan, but today didn’t work out so well. Hey, your calories are equal to about half a pound of fat. Good job!

  • I’ve never thought about counting my calories for the week but 400 minutes is awesome. I want to really get serious when I get home from the farm. I’m thinking of starting a schedule of Body Pump 2x a week, spin 1x, and cardio all the other days.

    I agree with Kat: rest if you’re sick or you’ll miss even more days.

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