It is a doggy dog world

CIMG2773 Elanor has definately made a place in our hearts.  Here are some more pictures of her from the past week.

She went with us to Lee and Billy’s house this past Friday.  She and Cali played with one of Cali’s toys in the backyard.  You can see it in a couple of the pictures – a dino cuz.  It is hard rubber, it squeaks, and it has a dinosaur tail – what more could you want in a toy?  Not much if the fun that Cali and Ela had is the measure we are using to judge!

Elanor’s bed arrived on Friday.  She has already made it her own by covering it with yellow dog fur.  She is very happy hanging out on her bed when we are in the living room or dining room.  Katy is very happy that Elanor now has her own bed, so maybe she will stop stealing Katy’s!

Elanor is quite confused and concerned about the fact that Joey and I repeatedly go into this small white room (the shower stall) and come out all wet.  When we leave the shower, she goes and looks into the shower to see what all the fuss is about.  You can see her very seriously considering the problem in the last picture below.

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  • Debra

    I wonder how the foster-dog-parents bathed. Do you think they went out in the back yard and dipped an old coffee tin into a barrel of water or something? It’s kind of worrysome.

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