Thanksgiving Part Two

CIMG2767 Thanksgiving weekend was full of wonderful food.  Not only did we get invited to Aaron and Sujata’s on Thursday, we were also invited to Lee and Billy’s for a Thanksgiving feast on Friday.  Lee and Billy celebrate with Lee’s family on Friday – their drive down from the DFW area is much less crazy on Thursday than it would be on Wednesday.

Joey and I were really grateful to be asked to join their family gathering.  We had a lovely time visiting with the Cagle clan: Roy, Becky, Anne, Chris, Rachel, and Emily.  We were also joined by Lee and Billy’s neighbors, Carson and Robert Alexander.

The food was fantastic.  There was a kosher turkey – Billy discovered that kosher turkeys are brined as part of the kosher cleaning process, thus saving him the step of brining his turkey after he brought it home.  There was also a variation on Lee’s family’s stuffing, which was awesome.  I must mention that the secret ingredient in the stuffing was nutmeg – Billy was very proud of that fact.  Now the secret is OUT!

Elanor joined us at Lee and Billy’s.  She played with Jamie (Rachel’s dog) and Cali in the back yard.  A little bird told me that they even got some turkey!

We ate way too much at dinner, but everyone found room for dessert anyway.  There was pecan pie, ginger cake, and cherry pie.  The cherry pie had the most amazing crust ever – secret ingredient: vodka!  Carson, who plays in a band, was good enough to play his guitar for us after dinner; he played and sang very well.

I must say that, after some very scientific study, I have come to the conclusion that two thanksgiving feasts are better than one!

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  • Debra

    My mother refered to brining something as making it “kashrut.” She said that it had to do with #3 on this list: which directs that all blood be drained from the food.


    PS – When I submit a comment, it usually takes a few minutes.

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