Day with Asher

CIMG3019 Today Asher came over to my house to play for a few hours.  Rachel and Debra were able to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which they said was very good, if very long.

Asher and I played with his encyclopedia.  We read about Alcohol, Alexander the Great, and many other “A” words. We put together the Latin America puzzle, in alphabetical order, of course!  We spent much of our time looking at my atlas, which, according to Asher, “will tell us where we are”.

We looked up Andora in the index.  He noticed that not only did the index give a page number, it also gave numbers and letters, like A12.  He asked what they meant, and I explained that the letters and numbers refer to the grid lines that are laid out on each map to make it easier to find a small place in a big map.  As you might imagine, this information changed everything!  We began “going” to each grid square on the North America map, starting with A1.  We spent a lot of time in the Arctic Ocean.  We were cold, but we caught some fish anyway.  Before he left we made it all the way to Montana.  The highlight for me was riding horses in Alberta, Canada.  He rode a dragon, as you can see in the pictures below.

Asher asked Elanor if she would like to play outside, and she was most obliging.  They ran around the backyard together for quite some time.  I managed to get a really cute picture of the action.  Asher is singing the “dot, dot, dot” song from Mamma Mia!, and Elanor is playing Sophie’s friend.

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  • Debra

    I can’t get the pictures to show up big but little they are quite cute. You can totally tell that he has his fingers in his mouth in the last picture. Darn teeth. I think what I like best is the mental image I have of Ela attending a casting call and saying, “… and I played Sophie’s friend in ‘A Day with Asher.’” It will sound quite sophisticated.

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