Exercise Log 11-20 January

I did not do as much exercise as I would have liked, but I did do some, so I won’t call it a total bust.  I did 109 minutes total, and 949 calories burned.

This week I am off to a much better start.  I played Wii Fit at Rachel and Debra’s house, and actually got my heart going a bit.  I definately had fun!  Can one make a case for a second gaming console, when you are not really that interested in most video games, and, in fact, avoid them at all costs?  Well, if that is allowed, then I think I might go there ;-)  In the mean time, the Serrins/Springfield family is stuck with me playing their Wii.  I don’t think that is such a terrible thing since they were kind of stuck with me anyway!

I did Body Pump and Yoga yesterday.  I was able to keep up during Body Pump, and even increased my weight over the last time despite the fact that I was one week out of practice.  I know that sounds like nothing, but my muscle tone is really poor, and even a few days out of the routine can make a real difference.  I am sore today!  I overslept this morning and by virtue of that fact stood Debra up for RPM.  Joey and Billy keep teasing me about getting up so early, but I am really bummed about missing the class, and not getting to see Debra.  I did go on a hike with Joey, Elanor, and Katy this afternoon.

Plan for the rest of the week: Wednesday – Body Pump and Cardio, Thursday – Body Pump and Yoga, Friday – Cardio, Saturday – Cardio and Yoga.

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