Exercise Log for 29 Dec – 03 Jan

I did better with working out than I did last week.  Laura was in town, and she encouraged me, and joined me at Body Pump on Friday.  So here is the run down…  Total minutes: 395, Total calories burned: 2109

I did yoga twice, body pump 3 times, and cardio twice.  I am really aiming to do 3 hours of strength training, 3 hours of cardio, and three hours of yoga.

Plan for this week: Monday – body pump and yoga, Tuesday – RPM with Debra, Wednesday – body pump and treadmill, Thursday – body pump and yoga, Saturday – body jam and yoga.

It is getting easier to get myself to the gym.  I am feeling stronger, but I still get out of breath really quickly.  I am hoping that increasing my cardio workouts over the next few weeks will help with that!

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