Workout summary 21-24 January

OK, I did pretty well, especially if you factor in that I was sick Friday and Saturday.  I did 335 minutes total, and burned 2024 calories.  I came pretty close to the goal, and totally topped last week.

This week’s plan: Monday – Body Pump and Yoga, Tuesday – RPM, Wednesday – Body Pump (I am hoping Billy will join me for this one) and eliptical machine or treadmill, Thursday – eliptical/treadmill and yoga, Friday – Body combat (new class for me), Saturday – Body Pump and Yoga.  This would give me strength training on three days, yoga on three days, and cardio on four days.  We shall see if I can stick with the plan, or if the universe will intervene!

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  • Debra

    I feel like that’s a really good total for your week. Especailly with feeling crummy. I’ll see you at the gym this morning although I don’t think I’ll be in RPM. I’ll be upstairs on the ellipticals if you want to trade something out.

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