Workout Summary week of 04-10 January 2009

I did yoga and walked (treadmill) on Monday.  I was not able to do body pump because I failed to sign up!  The influx of new people after the new year meant that the class filled up.  The classes before Christmas did not require sign up – more accurately they were not bothering to enforce it or tell anyone because the classes were not full.  Ah, well, I went much harder on the treadmill out of frustration, so I got my workout in the end.

Tuesday I joined Debra for for RPM really early in the morning.  Robyn was the instructor, and she was really fun and encouraging.  If I were not in Tampa, I would be up for trying it again tomorrow morning.  My butt was quite sore, but Debra assures me it will go away!

Thursday I did yoga and Body Pump.  Saturday I did yoga with Lee.

Total minutes = 320.  Total calories = 1659.

I once again missed my goal, and I also slipped from last week’s numbers.  This week will be tough, since I am not at home.  I am sad that I don’t have Body Pump.  Even though I have only been doing it for four weeks, I have really come to like it.  It will be tough to stay focused this week, so any encouragement is really appreciated!

Plan for the week: 60 minutes of cardio Monday – Thursday.  Yoga on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

2 comments to Workout Summary week of 04-10 January 2009

  • Debra

    I found out that there is a sign-up after like 3 weeks of going to spin. I was sitting there on a bike as the class filled up and finally the class was full but someone else came in and said, “but I signed the list.” Out I went. Now I sign the list no matter what. Actually, last week Rachel went to the gym, then came home, so I could hit a RPM class. So i had her sign me up as she was leaving.

  • LisaDiane

    That is almost precisely what happened to me. I think they ought to do a better job of explaining the list system. I don’t know how a person would know that you had to sign up unless you attended with friend who know the ropes.

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