Household Projects

Joey has been tearing through the household projects lately…

He finished all the wiring for the ethernet in the house, and rearranged the routers – there are many small businesses that have significantly less complicated networks that we have!  Cable modem, wireless router, two secondary wireless routers to ensure that the wireless network covers the entire house and back porch, several switches, and ethernet jacks in six rooms.

Next he tackled the phone jacks.  When we moved in there was ONE phone jack in the entire house.  Now there are working phone jacks in my office, the guest room, our bedroom, and the kitchen.  Not that there are phones plugged into those jacks, but there could be!

He cleaned out the chimney, and put a wire mesh over the top so that the birds cannot nest in there again this year.  You may or may not have experienced our winged guests last year, but they were very loud, and the cheeped in protest every time we played a movie in the living room.  As they got older, they were fond of waking us up in the middle of the night.  Not the best house guests!  I am glad that Joey did the work to ensure a bird-free chimney.

Joey also did a ton of work on clearing out our file cabinet and archiving all of our financial documents.  Some of you know about the ongoing debate about what to keep around and for how long.  Joey errs on the side of crazy, to say the least – he wants to keep everything: every piece of paper that ever enters our house he wants to archive.   I still pretend to debate this with him, and convince him that we don’t have to keep ALL of it, but my heart is not really in the argument.  I am even less inclined to worry about it when he very sweetly takes on the task of organizing everything and packing it into bankers’ boxes, and moving the boxes into deep storage, where I don’t have to look at them, or even acknowledge their existence.  Having the boxes apparently makes him happy, and that makes me happy.

He has informed me that he wants take on the backyard some time soon.  Mow the winter rye, and then seed with a perennial grass like buffalo grass.

The taxes are also on the agenda for some time soon.  I have an irrational fear of doing the taxes, so Joey always gets stuck with them.  I have visions of IRS officers coming into my home and stealing me away because I did something wrong.  I am fully aware that this is ridiculous, but I can’t seem to get past it.  Poor Joey pays the price.  Although I believe the suffering is much lower when he does the taxes, than it was the one time he made the mistake of letting me do them, and then endured my hysterics about possible retribution from the IRS.

I feel kind of like a slacker now that I have written down all the stuff he is up to these days!  My work has been crazy, and I have not been particularly ambitious outside of that arena.  Although I am keeping up with my work outs, and sweeping the floors once or twice a day.

The laundry is still taunting me.  I have not mananged to get ahead in the never ending cycle of washing since the new year.  Maybe this week will be different… but then again, maybe not.  No one has had to go naked yet, so it cannot be all that bad.

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