Recent puppy activities

Here are some photos of recent activities with the dogs. Cali is staying with us this weekend because Lee and Billy are in San Francisco for friend’s wedding.

20090202 Joey and Ela
Joey and Elanor look pathetic

20090204 Cali and Elanor
Cali and Ela wait for a goldfish – the cracker! No real goldfish were harmed during the taking of this picture

20090208 Joey and Katy
Katy and Joey snuggle on the couch

20090213 Read for our walk
I took all three girls on a walk today. We had a great time. Cali and Elanor swam, and Katy and I waded, and everyone got muddy!

20090213 Cali sleeping
20090213 Ela Sleeping
After the walk, everyone got a bath, and then all three dogs went to sleep. Mission accomplished!

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