Workout Summary 04-13 February

I took last Wednesday and Friday off from working out.  Thursday, 05 Feb, I went on a hike with Joey and the girls.  I also went to Body Pump at Hester’s Crossing.  Saturday I went to Body Pump at Tech Ridge, and I had a teacher I had never had before.  Her name is Jessica, and I really liked her.  I am looking forward to attending her class again, and I am bummed that I can’t go this coming Saturday because I have altar guild at the time of her class.

This Monday Debra and I did eliptical for an hour.  Wednesday we went for a hike with the dogs again.  Today I took Cali, Katy, and Elanor for a hike.  I also went to Body Pump and did 15 minutes of eliptical and 17 minutes (one mile) on the treadmill.  Tomorrow I plan to go to yoga and do a little cardio.

Total minutes = 422, Total calories = 3133

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