Workout Summary 15-21 February

I did great on working out this past week.  I am hoping I can keep it up.

Total minutes = 528!

Total calories = 3550

Sunday – hiking, Monday – Body Pump and eliptical, Tuesday – Eliptical with Debra, Wednesday – hiking, Thursday – Body Pump, Saturday – Body Pump, Yoga with Lee, and hiking

I did Body Pump today, and I plan to go to cycling class with Debra tomorrow morning.  Also, I have finally seen a drop in weight.  I have been working out since November, and my weight had really stayed about the same the whole time.  That is a big accomplishment through the holidays, but once we were into January, I was hoping to see some results.  Joey has been a great cheerleader, and reminded me that it takes awhile for my body to realize what is going on and adapt to the new eating and exercise patterns.

Now I have to remember that that I have to stick with it even when I do get to my goal weight.

2 comments to Workout Summary 15-21 February

  • Debra

    First, great job. That is a whole lot of minutes and a whole lot of working out.

    Second, you might not have been dropping pounds but I’ve seen changes in your body. Everytime I go through pictures it’s really obvious how much your body has changed in the next few months.

    Keep it up.

  • Wow!

    I think that’s up there with the most number of minutes I’ve ever worked out in a month! I can’t remember how much that was..i want to say 580. I have been super lax this month. I want to say packing has been somewhat of a work out. Speaking of packing, i’d better get back to it.

    great job!

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