Workout Summary 25 January – 03 February

Ok, last week I kind of slacked off, but so far this week I have kicked butt!

25-31 Jan – Total minutes: 360, total calories:2576

Breaks down as: Tuesday – eliptical 60 minutes and yoga 60 minutes, Wednesday – Body Pump and eliptical 60 minutes, Thursday – hiking 30 minutes, Friday – hiking 60 minutes.  The weather at the end of the week was too awesome to spend anytime indoors at the gym, so Walnut Creek Park got my exercise time instead.

This week so far: Sunday – hiking 70 minutes, Monday – Body Pump, Tuesday – eliptical 30 minutes (total strides = 3936, distance = 2.47), wave runner 10 minutes, treadmill 18 minutes (1 mile) and hiking 75 mintues (2.8 miles)

01-03 February – Total minutes = 265, total calories = 1974

Plan for the rest of the week: Wednesday – Eliptical for 60 minutes, Thursday – Body Pump, Friday – some sort of cardio, Saturday – Yoga

Yeah, go me!  Feeling great right now!

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