Aaron and Sujata’s New House


Aaron and Sujata just bought a new house.  It is in Onion Creek, on the golf course.  Actually, the golf course wraps around their house.  Joey had gone over and looked at the house while Aaron and Sujata were still shopping, and he helped them move on Saturday, but I had not seen it yet. We were invited over for dinner, and to tour the house this past Sunday.


The house had very high ceilings and so many windows!  All the houses on their street are quite close together, but the windows are arranged to ensure privacy.  The living room and kitchen/dining areas wrap around and open out onto a great patio with a really long pool.  There is actually a space for swimming laps!

The master suite is on the ground floor.  It has a fireplace, and more of the giant windows that are found throughout the house.  The bathtub overlooks the golf course!  The closet has tons of built in shelves and storage, which is good, because there are almost no walls in the bedroom that are not made of glass!


Upstairs are three additional bedrooms and an office.  The upstairs is split into two sections, seperated by an open walkway.  You can see Joey sitting on the walkway pretending to be trapped.  The bedrooms on the far side of the walkway, furthest from the stairs share a bathroom, and have their own AirCon unit, so those rooms can be closed off when not in use.  An actual guest suite, very practical and posh!

Bethany, Rob, Carolyn and Alma were also on hand to celebrate the new house.  Sujata dug the wine glasses out of a box, and we ordered in some Italian food.  We ate on the patio.  It was glorious!  Congratulations to Aaron and Sujata on their new home!  I look forward to many more fun gatherings at your place!

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