Canoeing on Lady Bird Lake

The All Saints’ Twenties and Thirties Group went canoeing on Lady Bird Lake on the same day as Daniel’s First Birthday Party!

We had the perfect size group.  Just enough people for three boats.  Joey and I had a kayak.  Don, Misty and Ewan had a canoe, and Brian, Robert and Greg had a second canoe.

We started on Barton Creek, and headed down toward the lake.  We turned upstream, since it is nice to have the current working with you on the way home.  We paddled a good way upstream, but were forced to turn back downstream before we reached the MoPac bridge, because there was a regatta going on further up stream.  We got to watch a few of the crews warm up and turn around.  It is amazing how fast they go!

After our paddle around the lake, we rested in the park and spent some time visiting.  Misty and Brian were smart enough to bring water, and we relaxed together awhile before we all went on our way.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon!

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