Exercise Summary 22-28 February

Total minutes: 235

Total calories: 1946

Obviously quite a dip after last week’s high.  The drop was partly due to a crazy work schedule, and partly due to our trip to Ft. Worth.

I did manage to do two Body Pump classes, and eliptical with Debra before leaving town.  The main thing that bummed me out (and hurt the numbers) was not getting to take the dogs for hikes in the park.  Work obligations just refused to get out of the way enough for me to make it to the park before sunset!

This week I hope to top last week’s numbers.  I will work out early with Debra on Tuesday and Friday – I am teaching classes at the office both days.  Today I will do Body Pump, in fact, I am about to leave to get to the gym.  Hopefully I will also make Body Pump on Thursday and Saturday.  Maybe I can even get a walk in somewhere…

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  • Debra

    Those minutes are lower but think of it this way: that still averages 35 minutes a day (if the math in my head is right).

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