That was in your back!

OK, I am in Florida again with my dad. He is having more of the laser surgeries for his back.


One of the procedures they did was remove hardware from an old fusion that was done on his L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae. When dad told me they would be extracting screws from his back, I thought, small screws. Like the kind they use to put glasses together! That was not at all the reality. The reality is so creepy I have to share it with you!

Upon seeing the picture, my co-worker joked that it was no wonder Dad was having back trouble if the package of kleenex was in his back. The keenex package is just in the picture for perspective, so you can see how HUGE the screws are!

Now, I hope you enjoy your lunch ;-)

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  • Debra

    Yes. That’s pretty creepy. Years ago my step-mother had a long screw in her hand to help with her arthritis. She told me once about how she was so tough that the doctor asked if she wanted to watch when they took it out and she said yes. And she did great until they held up the screw and she threw-up all over the place.

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