Weekend outings

Joey and I had a great weekend.  It was an amazing mix of relaxation and seeing friends. Upon expressing my amazement at how relaxed I felt,  Joey told me that ‘normal people’ (by this I assume he means people not raised in the Mercado house) have weekends like the one we had all the time.  I am skeptical.

Here is the run down:

Friday evening and Satruday – I was at Camp Allen for the ECW Spiritual Growth retreat.
Saturday night – Dinner with Megan and Robert at Taj Palace
Sunday – Sunday School in the morning, nap, reading my book, and lunch.
Sunday afternoon – Hike with Megan and Robert, and Megan’s dogs, Anna and Reese, then more relaxing and reading my book
Sunday evening – short visit with Rachel and Debra and the kids, then on to dinner at Lee and Billy’s for homemade Indian food

Sounds packed when I write it out like that, but I really had a great time, and was very relaxed once I got out the door on Friday afternoon.  There was NOTHING on my calendar on Sunday!  I suppose technically the Sunday School class should have been on the calendar, but who is counting?  Those of you who have access to my Google calendar know how infrequently there is only one thing on my calendar!

Joey and I had a fantastic time visiting with Megan and Robert.  We do not see enough of them.  It is really dumb too, because Megan’s place is a literal stones throw away – well maybe not quite literal, unless you are a professional baseball player, but it is really close!

The hike was also fantastic.  Reese and Elanor got along great.  Katy and Anna mutually ignored each other, which is pretty good for two old ladies who are used to being top dog!  The weather started out dismal, but turned beautiful by the time we were really walking.  The trails were quite muddy, and both Megan and I took a slip into the mud when we crossed the creek, but no one was hurt.  Everyone had a great time after several days of being cooped up inside because of nasty weather!

My latest work project has been winding down, and I think that is also contirbuting to my relaxed feeling.  Hopefully it will continue…

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