DSC02348 Wednesday night Purvi and I walked down the street that is across from our hote looking for a place to get some dinner.  This street has many restaurants, so it is really just a matter of choosing what you want.  All the places have callers outside to tempt you into their restaurant.  One caller was particularly persuasive, and we walked over to look at the menu.  It was mediteranean food of all sorts.  It looked good, so we told the girl we would like a table.
DSC02346 We started to walk into the restaurant immediately behind her, but she told us to follow her, that there was a different dining room.  This struck us as a bit odd, but we followed her anyway.  She took us to a stairway.  We took off our shoes and went upstairs.  It turned out it was a large carpeted room with low tables and cushions – we got to recline while we were eating!  All the tables were near windows, so we could look out over the street. The atmosphere was so relaxing, and the food was good too! I am so glad we took the chance on the restaurant, which is aptly named, Ambrosia, divine pleasures.

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