Camping at Willis Creek

DSC01825 Rachel, Debra, Joey, and I have been saying we would like to go camping together for YEARS!  We finally managed it on Easter weekend.

We decided to try out some federal camp grounds run by the Army Corp of Engineers.  We wound up with a reservation at Willis Creek Park, which is on Granger Lake, near Taylor, Texas.  The website indicated that the usual camping activities were available at the park: swimming, hiking, etc.  As Rachel describes, this was only partially true.

We actually had a great time despite the lack of formal activity.  I got some much needed rest.  We got to play with our godchildren, and visit with Rachel and Debra.  Elanor came with us as well, and she played on the shore of the lake and tried to pick up the waves and bring them back to us.  She did very well in the tent, and didn’t even steal my sleeping bag from me!

On Saturday morning we walked down to the boat dock.  The lake was very low, but we had a nice walk anyway.  Elanor was the only one who actually got into the water.  Back at the campsite we held races across the lawn, and lounged until it was time to pack up to go home.

Over all a successful trip!  We plan to go again soon, and this time I think we will aim for a camp site with more hiking and swimming opportunities.

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