Little India

06 Mustafa looking down

Tonight Karen, Purvi, and I went out to dinner at  a restaurant called Muthu’s Curry in Little India.  Little India is the area of Singapore where many people who are originally from India live.  Purvi said that it really sounds and looks quite a bit like India.  One of the famous stores in Little India is Mustafa.  It is a huge shopping complex that is open 24 hours.  They have some of everything.  There is so much stuff, and so many people crammed into a very small space!  The pictures below do not nearly capture the scale of the place.  One thing that was very impressive was the jewelry.  There was more gold than I have ever seen in one place!  When Sujata was planning her wedding, we went to the Indian stores in Houston, and I was impressed there by the huge volume of jewelry, but that was nothing, maybe an eighth, of what I saw in one store at Mustafa.  I did not get any pictures of the jewelry because they frown on casing the joint ;-)

02 Karen with her Kingfisher

We had an absolutely fabulous time.  Dinner was delicious, and we chatted and laughed the whole time.  Karen ordered a Kingfisher beer, and the bottle turned out to be bigger than she expected.  We laughed and I reminded her of the time we were in Cambridge together and a co-worker gave her a hard time about her beer, saying, “… and a lady wouldn’t have ordered a whole pint.”  I suggested that a lady would not have ordered a giant bottle of Kingfisher either, but, lady or not, Karen was a fantastic host and tour guide for the evening!

P.S. The kid with the cell phone in the picture below was standing right behind Karen while we ate dinner.  His family was eating at the table behind ours.  He was so engrossed in his game, and I found him to be quite charming.  He did not even notice me taking his picture.

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