Shoe Shopping!

… but not for me.  I realize that is a shocker!

ariat Joey does not like to buy things for himself.  It usually takes some convincing and then you have to wait.  After he has processed the idea of spending money on himself for long enough, he will either go buy the thing, or ask me to join him to shop for whatever it is.

Joey’s shoes have been in a sad state for several months.  He has his favorite pairs that are all extremely worn out – on their last leg, if you will.  Also, we had been talking for years about getting him a pair of cowboy boots.

This past Friday he was finally read to take the plunge!  We ordered a new pair of Birkenstock hiking shoes exactly like his old pair.  We spent a long time at Shepler’s shopping for boots.  He actually found two pairs of Ariat boots that he really liked – we bought both!  One pair is dressy and black; they are on order, and should arrive in a few weeks.  The other pair is more casual: brown leather on the foot, and hunter green up the leg.

shoes He tried on several pairs of dress shoes.  He narrowed it down to a pair of Clark’s (lace-up) and a pair of Kenneth Cole slip in.  He decided to wait and consider the options on the dress shoes.  The last pair of shoes he bought was a new pair of tennis shoes.  His are at least five years old, and they are absolutely shredded!  He actually found the exact same style he had before, but they are a different color – electric orange!  We came home with a pair of boots and a pair of tennis shoes, and we have a pair of boots and a pair of shoes on order.  Not to bad for three hours of shopping!

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