Textile District

DSC02385 Our hotel is right across a major street from the major textile selling area of town.  The main street in this area is Arab Street, although “Textile District” is used almost interchangeably.  Purvi and I had gone to the restaurants in this area several times, but we had not made it early enough to go to the shops.

Today we got back from work early and walked all along the various stores filled with all kinds of fabric and other textiles.  All the fabric was so beautiful, I just wanted to take it all home!  We enjoyed the atmosphere of the street – there were tons of people out walking around and enjoying the evening.  We stopped by an ice cream vendor and got a treat (dessert first!) that is called “Biscuit Ice Cream” because you get a slab of ice cream between two waffle textured cookies (or biscuits if you speak British).  I am holding two ice creams, but one is Purvi’s, no really!

When the shops began to close, we stopped into Ambrosia, the restaurant I mentioned in an previous post.  We had a fun evening of shopping, and a pleasant dinner.  It was a great way to unwind from the two weeks of training!

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