Working in Singapore

Training Team I am here in Singapore to observe a training class, and sign off the two Sinapore trainers to be mentors to Purvi, who is new to teaching this particular class, and any future trainers.  The AsiaPac training team is made up of a great group of ladies.  Karen is the training manager.  The training coordinator is named Sally.  She is super organized, and keeps everything moving efficiently.  The trainers in this office are Katrina and Esther, and they have been a pleasure to work with.  Purvi is the trainer from Mumbai, India.  She has travelled here to teach the training class, and she is doing a great job so far.
Singapore Class Picture The class participants come from several different offices across the Asia/Pacific region.  We have four people from Australia, three from Taiwan, two from the Phillipines, and one from Singapore.  They have all been good participants and are picking up the information we are teaching quickly.
Karen and Esther The office itself is much bigger than I expected.  There are three large areas with cubes, plus offices and conference rooms.  The training room is well appointed, with good tables, comfortable chairs, a projector and screen, wireless internet, refreshments counter, and marker boards. The office is fairly far from the hotel, so the participants, Purvi and I ride together in a van from the hotel to the office. The commute takes about forty-five minutes, which is really tough for me, since I am used to a commute down my hall that takes fifteen seconds! I suppose that is a small price to pay for working in Singapore for a couple of weeks!

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