Long Silence

I have not posted during the past couple of weeks, but I am alive and well!  It took me quite some time to get my feet back under me when I got home from Singapore.  First was the exhaustion of the trip itself, and then I got hit with a stomach bug of some sort.

And for the record, no, it was NOT the swine flu!  My co-worker, Albert, actually raises pigs, and he expressed to me his frustration that everyone keeps calling it swine flu, and that people think it is linked to eating pork!  Thank goodness that is not true, or Billy and I would be doomed to never eat one of our favorite foods again!

Next came an insane allergy attack that just won’t quit!  I am actually taking antihistamines in order to remain a functioning human being, and you all know how I feel about taking drugs for extended periods of time!  The stomach bug and the antihistamines conspired to keep my sleep schedule from returning to normal for almost two weeks!  The last couple of nights have actually been the first that I did not wake up at four in the morning!

In the middle of all of my health and sleep related crazy, we have been pretty busy.  I have continued to work, as usual.  We celebrated Mother’s Day at Aaron and Sujata’s beautiful new home, and went for a swim in their pool.  The All Saints’ Twenties and Thirties hosted a poker tournament at Father Mike’s house.  We celebrated Lindsay’s Birthday by going to see the new Star Trek movie (which we loved).  I had an ECW Board Meeting at Camp Allen in Navasota.

My cousin Ben and his friend, Tyler, came to Austin for a visit, and to scope out apartment and job availability.  They were with us for five days.  I have to say they are some of the most low maintnence guests Joey and I have ever had.  It could be that my opinion was influenced by the beer, bourbon and tequeila the brought us as a thank you gift!  It was great to get some time with my cousin, and I am really excited about the prospect of him living in the same city as me.

Joey is back at work on the  yard.  You may recall from an earlier post that we planted some winter rye back in December.  That grass worked out beautifully, but now it is dying because of the increasing temperatures.  We decided to plant buffalo grass, which should work out really well for the summer, and since it is a perennial grass, we won’t have to plant every year.  I am very excited about planting a native grass, and am really looking forward to seeing it come up – starting from seed means we will have to wait a bit, but I will post some pictures as soon as we have something to show for all Joey’s hard work.

I am getting back on the exercise band wagon this week.  Laura invited me to go to Jazzercise with her next Sunday, so I have to gear up so that I can survive!  I plan to do BodyPump, and 20 minutes of cardio tonight.  Cardio with Debra tomorrow.  Body Pump on Wednesday.  Cardio on Thursday and Friday.  Massage on Saturday.  I have discovered that Yoga Journal has a podcast of yoga routines – all the ones I have tried have been good, but I especially like their Morning Sequence, which is 25 minutes, and gives a good all over stretch.  I will try to fit that in at least three mornings this week.

2 comments to Long Silence

  • Debra

    I’m sneezing while reading this so I really empathize with the allergies thing. I even bought some antihistimines before our trip to the beach. Anyway, I’m so glad that you’re feeling better now. It was great to see you at the gym.

  • Disobedient Tiger

    LizDat, you need another Long Silence post, you are coming up on 3 weeks (Joey posted Denton, so that doesn’t count).

    Any more trips this year?

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