My Nephew

Kay and Daniel came over to visit for a while today. We went to Tacodeli and spent some time hanging out in the deep grass in the back yard. The boy was super-cute.

3 comments to My Nephew

  • Debra

    What adorable pictures. Now Chiara is going to be jealous that Daniel got to see Ella & LD.

    Kay’s hair is blue! Last time I saw it, it was pink. I want blue hair!

  • Disobedient Tiger

    I have always wanted blue hair (grew up on anime), but too scared in college, can’t at work, and might have had interview when unemployed.
    Ransom is big!

    Joey? what is with the mowing, bro?

  • Joey

    @Disobedient Tiger: I cut it all down a few hours later. It looked like an El Paso farmer bringing in the alfalfa harvest – but the mower kept sticking on the long fibrous stalks.

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