The First Carousel of Slides

Last fall I had some free time and it looked like I was going to have access to a slide scanner. I mentioned this to Papa and sent me a few carousels of slides from his collection. And then access to the scanner went on hold. So I’ve had this closet full of slides for a few months and no real plan for dealing with them. I mention this b/c last week I gained access to another scanner, picked a carousel at random and got to work digitizing slides.

The scanner did a good job. I posted them to Facebook and Flickr earlier tonight. They are restricted to Friends and Family. Friend me for access.

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  • Ray Cline

    The photos are fantastic. I’ve saved several for use in Family Tree Maker individual scrapbook pages, and some I’ll print for dad to have a look at. He’ll really get a kick out of some of these. (Oops, kick is not a good word with hime these days.) Joey, was wondering about the slide scanner. Tell me more: what equipment is used and how involved it is to set up and operate. Thanks == Ray

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