Queen of Waterfalls

It is against the company policy for me to say the name of my company, or give any information that could give away where I work. I will not tell you the actual name of the relational database that I train people at my company to use, however, I will tell you that its name is a long acronym, that is quite silly. I am fairly certain that someone came up with the word, and reverse engineered it into an acronym! For this post (and any future posts on the subject) let us refer to the system as WATERFALL. I have also changed the names of the people, and groups that are referenced in the letter. Anything in italics has been changed. I tried to make the substitutions interesting and fun, but the real point is to keep me from getting in trouble!

Back in January I was asked to take on the job of being the Global Lead Trainer for the relational database my company uses.  Over the past month it has become clear that not everyone in the company was aware of that fact.  My boss wrote the  following letter to clarify the situation.

Hi all,

Camelia and I wanted to send a formal communication regarding LisaDiane’s role with WATERFALL as it relates to training and let you know she can be contacted directly for training needs related to WATERFALL.

As many of you know, LisaDiane has taken the lead from a training stand point in multiple WATERFALL projects over the past five years. She has worked on reviewing and revising WATERFALL training materials since the system was launched in 2004. She has organized the addition of data, system upgrades, and the baselines for the WATERFALL Training Environment since joining TKO in 2005. She has trained many of the WATERFALL trainers around the world. At Linnie Exemplar’s request, LisaDiane has served as the training representative for WATERFALL impact analysis since 2006. She taught large portions of the R3 T3 in September 2007. During 2008, and continuing to the present, LisaDiane has been involved with the WATERFALL reimplementation project. Most recently, she worked with Charlene Vacillare to lead the training portion of the DogS initiative.

Due to her abundance of experience with WATERFALL, LisaDiane has taken on the role of Lead Trainer for Global WATERFALL Training. In this position, LisaDiane is responsible for coordinating WATERFALL related training initiatives, including creation and revision of training materials. Wherever possible we want new WATERFALL training solutions to be global and LisaDiane will assist us with this. She represents the global training team on the WATERFALL Organic Greens (WOG) each week. She meets with training representatives from each region on a regular basis in order to ensure consistency of message, and share information regarding upcoming changes and initiatives relating to WATERFALL. LisaDiane meets with Camelia regularly to share information on all WATERFALL issues and initiatives, as Camelia is the Electric [Light] Orchestra Committee (EOC) representative. LisaDiane continues to perform the tasks related to impact analysis, and managing the Training Environment.

LisaDiane remains a Training Specialist in TKO offering all of the trainings she always has offered, but this formalizes her other multiple responsibilities related to WATERFALL. Again, feel free to contact her directly for any WATERFALL related training needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Camelia or myself with any questions or concerns.

I just had to share.  I am Queen of Waterfall Training!  It seems sort of ridiculous with all the replacements, but in truth it is a pretty big honor, and I am really proud.  Shameless, I know, but I brag about other people on my blog occationally, so why not myself?

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